YPT Baltimore’s Strategic Plan

At the beginning of 2017, the Board of YPT Baltimore was looking to solidify our purpose as a professional organization and distinguish our chapter from the other professional transportation organizations in the area. The strategic plan was developed to formalize our focus over the next year as well as begin to plan strategies to enhance and grow our chapter for years to come. You, as a member of YPT Baltimore, have a voice in planning our organization’s future and the strategic planning effort will provide the platform for your voice to be heard. The Strategic Plan will be updated annually and by future boards with the input of YPT Baltimore members.

YPT Baltimore Final Strategic Plan (PDF)


The strategic plan will…

  1. act as a short-term guide ensuring consistency in our organization’s objectives and actions,
  2. serve as a road map for future board leadership, and
  3. provide measurable goals for our board as our organization grows in 2017 and beyond.

How to get involved

We held our first brainstorming meeting in January and will continue to develop the strategic plan at our monthly steering committee meetings. It’s not too late to get involved in YPT Baltimore!

Step 1: Ask Questions (Completed February 15, 2017)

The first step of developing our chapter’s strategic plan is to survey you, our member or prospective member, on how we can better support you as a professional in the transportation industry.

The survey was available from February 1-15, 2017. We are very pleased with the number of responses received and are now gearing up for step 2 of our strategic planning process!

Step 2: Review survey results (Completed February 23, 2017)

This step will begin after the survey closes, with critical discussion and progress planned in March. Stay tuned for location and date of steering committee meetings which will focus on the strategic plan development.

Step 3: Begin drafting the plan (Drafted in March, Comment Period ended April 28, 2017)

You can find the DRAFT Strategic Plan here: YPT Baltimore Draft Strategic Plan (PDF)

Content to be included in the final plan:

  • three-year focus (2017 to 2019)
  • key challenges and opportunities of our chapter
  • goals, objectives, and targeted action items
  • performance measures
  • a template for annual progress reports

Step 4: Publish the strategic plan (Completed on May 1, 2017)

Download the YPT Baltimore Strategic Plan: YPT Baltimore Final Strategic Plan (PDF)