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We briefly mentioned in our last newsletter that the Elections period for our Chapter Board is coming up! We are now accepting nominations. Join us as we continue to grow and provide opportunities for fellowship, networking, and professional development for our fellow transportation professionals. We’ll have a number of opportunities for you to meet the current YPT Board and learn more about the open positions. 

Be a part of organizing our traditional quarterly meetups, tours, and happy hours. Help develop new and exciting events including Transportation Camp Baltimore. Grow our list of workshops and educational experiences within our chapter and with partner organizations.

How to Run

If you are interested in running for a board position, you must be a dues paying member in good standing by October 1, 2019. Go to and confirm your active membership status with our chapter.

Step 1. Learn About Board Roles

All board positions commit to a minimum of monthly board meetings and staffing events. Board meetings are where we typically discuss finances, goal setting, committee progress, plan communications to our members, and coordinate upcoming events.

The Chair is responsible for day-to-day implementation of chapter board policies and guidelines, presiding over board meetings, creating and appointing members to committees, and acting as official representative of YPT Baltimore. The Chair acts as liaison between YPT International and the Chapter. The Chair will support implementation of strategic goals with the guidance and support of the Deputy Chair.

The Deputy Chair helps coordinate activities involving multiple board members, assist with the Chair’s responsibilities, represent YPT Baltimore in the Chair’s absence, and oversee updates to the Chapter’s Strategic Plan as necessary (which typically includes a survey of chapter members).

The Vice Chair of Administration keeps full and accurate records of all business and proceedings of Chapter Board meetings, prepares and distributes meeting agendas and minutes to board members, prepares election documents and coordinates with YPT International to manage the election process.

The Vice Chair of Finance collects dues, handles safekeeping of funds, reports receipts, expenditures, and balances to the chapter board, and executes timely and accurate state and federal tax filings. They may also be responsible for the management of funds for special events such as TransportationCamp Baltimore.

The Vice Chair of Programs plans and executes all events and the development of a full year schedule of engaging events. Events include tours, lectures, keynote presentations, networking opportunities, professional credit opportunities, monthly members meetings, and joint programs with other organizations. The Vice Chair of Programs shall coordinate support from the board and chapter members to successfully plan and execute programs.

The Vice Chair of Communication manages all chapter communications, including the website and events calendar, the chapter email account(s), and social media accounts. The Vice Chair of Communications shall maintain planning and monitoring of engagement via all communications, and draw from the support of other board members and chapter members for the creation of graphics, copy, and other content shared within and outside of the Chapter.

The Vice Chair of Partnerships coordinates and manages the chapter’s sponsorship program as well as partnerships with other organizations. The Vice Chair of Partnerships shall actively pursue sponsorships; maintain/update the list of prospective and active sponsors; provide recommendations to amend the sponsorship policies; and act as the liaison between other board members and sponsors. The position will also help liaise between YPT and like-minded organizations, broadening YPT‘s reach and membership.

Step 2. Submit a Candidate Statement

Fill out the google form below or at this link. You may submit a statement of interest for more than one position. Save the link at the end in case you want to edit your statement later. Candidate statements are due by 11:59 p.m. EDT on September 27th.

Step 3. Stay in Touch

Through September – Campaign for votes from chapter members and prospective members. Attend chapter events. The 2019 Board will send out reminders for candidate statements.
Early October – Final candidate statements and election procedures will be posted at and distributed by link in our October newsletter. All candidates should have active membership with the Baltimore Chapter by October 1st.
October 14 – YPT International will send an election ballot to all dues paying members for Chapter and International elections by 9:00 AM EDT.
October 25 – Online elections will close at 8:00 PM EDT. Chapter and International members and nominees will be notified of the results shortly thereafter.
by October 30 – The 2019 YPT Baltimore Board will contact all incoming 2020 Board members to schedule a transition meeting and get new board members off to a good start for the year.
November 1 – 2019-2020 Chapter and International Board terms begin.
Stay tuned for future emails and updates. We look forward to shaping the future of our chapter with you!

Jade Clayton

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