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The submission period has ended. Look out for election ballots!

Are you good with finances and record keeping? You could be our next Vice Chair of Finance! Good with event planning and well organized? You could be our next Vice Chair of Programs! Interested in gaining some leadership and management skills? Consider a position as Chair or Deputy Chair of our chapter! We’ve had a strong board for 2017 and welcome all newcomers interested in joining us for 2018. Don’t be shy about running for multiple positions if you’re generally interested in an opportunity to provide and participate in professional but fun networking, learning, and social events with your peers in transportation. Join us at an upcoming event to learn more and to meet our members.

The survey outlines requirements to hold a board position and a description of duties for each position you select. Fill out the form to submit your candidate statement and be on the ballot for the 2018 Board Elections.

Jade Clayton

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