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PAYT Executive Commmittee

Greetings, fellow Transportationists,

Thanks so much to those who were able to attend Tuesday’s quarterly meeting at Max’s in Fells Point. We had a wide array of attendees from both the public and private sector representing many organizations, and everyone had ample opportunity to mix and meet new faces. As our second Quarterly Meeting speaker, Henry Kay gave a fantastic talk on his professional background and key actions that have helped him throughout his careers, as well as tips for young professionals in the field.

We outlined the newly-established organizational structure and  introduced the new executive committee:

President:                           John Gasparine
Vice President:                   Michael Helta
Communications/PR:        Jason Biernat
Legislative/Policy:              Deni Deniallisi
Secretary:                          Kimiya Aghevli
Treasurer:                          Dustin Kuzan

PAYT now has a variety of social media outlets – take a minute to find us on Twitter and Facebook (PAYTmaryland) and check out the brand new website ( We need your help to grow our presence…and to help us create a logo for PAYT! Please submit ideas here.

There are several subcommittees just starting to take shape and we want YOU to get involved! We currently have committees forming around Transportation Safety, Events Coordination, and Collegiate Outreach.  If you’re interested in becoming more involved in any of these, or have an idea for something you think we’ve missed, please let us know here. We are also brainstorming projects we can work on to grow recognition and value for PAYT in the area. If you have ideas for a White Paper or other project, please let us know here.

Our next Steering Committee meeting is on Tuesday, 6/25 at 5:30pm at Max’s in Fells Point – all are welcome! Our third Quarterly Meeting of the year will also be at Max’s in August – stay posted for details!

Thanks so much, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon,

-PAYT Board Members


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