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Are you good with finances and record keeping? You could be our next Vice Chair of Finance! Good with event planning and well organized? You could be our next Vice Chair of Programs! Interested in gaining some leadership and management skills? Consider a position as Chair or Deputy Chair of our chapter! We’ve had a strong board for 2017 and welcome all newcomers interested in joining us for 2018. Don’t be shy about running for multiple positions if you’re generally interested in an opportunity to provide and participate in professional but fun networking, learning, and social events with your peers in transportation. Join us at an upcoming event to learn more and to meet our members.

The survey outlines requirements to hold a board position and a description of duties for each position you select. Fill out the form to submit your candidate statement and be on the ballot for the 2018 Board Elections.

Provide feedback on our Draft Strategic Plan

Our Chapter’s Strategic Plan is finalized! Thank you to our members who provided input during the survey and comment periods. The Strategic Plan can be downloaded here, or on our Strategic Plan page.

*The remainder of this blog post is an archive of our call for comments.*

YPT Baltimore’s Draft Strategic Plan is ready for your review and feedback! As a member or potential member, your input on this plan will impact our plans and goals for the next year, and will provide an outline for continued growth of the Chapter in future years, under the direction of future board members.

You can find out more about how the plan was developed by visiting our Strategic Plan page.

Download the Draft Plan by clicking HERE. Provide your feedback using the form below.

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From PAYT Maryland to YPT Baltimore: Where are they now?

You may not know that YPT Baltimore began as an independent group of ambitious professional transportationists (and fake word enthusiasts), the Professional Association of Young Transportationists in Maryland. The founders knew there were other like-minded professionals out there who’d  enjoy grabbing a drink, networking with peers, and hearing from established and emerging leaders in the transportation industry. To create a new group, they used their free time, put in their own money, and made up a word.

My two or so years with YPT Baltimore began just as PAYT Maryland was transitioning into a local chapter of YPT International. I was able to work with some of the original PAYT Maryland founders whose support and guidance still impacts me today. This blog post serves both to honor the group that laid the groundwork for this chapter to exist, and hopefully to show our members the value of YPT Baltimore in its third year.

Our founding members responded to a brief survey asking them about their job when organizing PAYT, where they work now, and what advice they have for young professionals and students in the transportation industry. Click the link to read their replies.

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